Sven Hallin

How to Look After an Alien

  • I'm an alien from the planet Victual. My name is Horace.
  • Well, pink pigs are quite like the ancient ancestors that still inhabit your planet.
  • She is not just dominant, he thought as he let himself into his apartment.
  • At its peak, our population reached 22 billion pink pigs.
  • I’m not an alien. You’re the alien, by the way. Our lifespan is really fairly similar to you aliens.
  • Can you finish your food before you speak, Horace? I can’t understand a thing you’re saying.
  • For now, he really did want to borrow money for Horace.

“Welcome to Victual, my Planet”

“Did you say Truffles?”

“I don’t want the FBI to catch me”

“Don’t worry Richard, I have a plan”

“Yes, it’s time for a snack!”

“The Avoid the Dinosaur jump”

“I was overcuddled as a baby”

“Well of course we’re much more intelligent than your species”

“Horace snoring gently”

After winning a toy pink pig at a local funfair, Sven decided to write a novel with a pink pig as the main character.

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Horace the Pink Pig

See what our readers say

“I can wholeheartedly recommend this unique novel. A novel suitable for readers of all ages.  Alternate realities have never been so convincingly constructed.”

Susan G.

“Anyone thinking of reading “HOW TO LOOK AFTER AN ALIEN” should ensure that it is on a day when they have a flexible schedule : once you start reading the book, you will be very reluctant to pause. The informal, but articulate, style of writing leads the reader entertainingly through an intriguing plot which features three dimensional, compelling characters, both human and alien. It’s definitely a “MUST READ” !”

Brian H

“A refreshing read that tickles the imagination of both adults and children. I read it to my niece and she absolutely adored it” …

Ryan S

“I read How to look after an Alien on a long flight, Sweet storyline and some laugh out loud lines .. Entertaining and a good easy read.”

Dave W

“How to look after an alien” is a fantastic read that can engage people of all ages. It takes you on a journey through the eyes of someone who understands the complications of life as we know it, and an innocent experiencing our world for the first time. Add in the mix of romance, friendship and comedy, this book is a must read for those who want entertainment with a touch of contemplation in their literature. Could not recommend more highly.”

Jay M

“This book explains the trauma of being overcuddled as a baby! Many parts of it also prompt me to have a snack…..”

Horace P.P.

“After reading Sven Hallin’s ‘How to Look After an Alien’ I thought, ‘What now?’ That familiar feeling of emptiness that the lovable character of a book, in this case Horace the pink pig, would not be part of my daily life. The original plot line of a superior alien race of pigs interacting with everyday people on planet Earth in a bid to make it home meant that this was not just a run of the mill story. This book allows you to suspend disbelief and imagine – what would life be like if we all had an affectionate and fun companion like this round, mischievous creature? I must admit, when food is missing in my fridge I now simply blame it on Horace! If you are looking for warm and heartfelt characters out on an adventure this is the book for you!”

Felicity T

“Science fiction with quirky humour, warm affection and technological inventiveness. Horace, a pink pig, is an alien from a faraway planet. He makes friends with a hapless earthling from South Dakota, munching his way through the contents of his host’s fridge. But Horace is also many times more brilliant than the inhabitants of the planet earth, disrupting lives and creating new projects on an ever increasing scale. After reading this book you’ll never use the phrase “Pigs might fly” in an ironic way again!”

Jonathan H

“I enjoyed reading How to Look After an Alien a lot. It was a mixture of fun fiction and a lot of logic..”

Mundanny N. 10 years old.

Fun and easy to read
I don’t think anyone can read this book without falling in love with Horace! Fast-paced and quite a page-turner – I want to know what happens next, so maybe a follow-up is needed! Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a children’s book – it’s for anyone.

Miss D.